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Police Man (D.P.O) Shots a Man’s jeep tire for not Letting him pass First on a bad road (Read the Full Story)


It’s quite stupefying ,as D.P.O (Ihiala L.G.A, Anambra State Police Officer) shots a man’s jeep tire.

This happened on 13th of April 2020 at ihiala local Government Area, Nkwogbe Market (Bank road).

According to the information we gathered, they said that the man on white was driving on his lane and the D.P.O also coming from the front, then the D.P.O told the man to wait for him to pass first but the man on white refused, beside he’s on his right, also on his lane ‘says the man’.

These got the D.P.O much aggressive towards the man, because of that he blocked the man’s jeep with his hilux, said that the man won’t go anywhere again.

The D.P.O came down and they started quarrelling while the place was full of the town people.
On that awkward moment the D.P.O shots the man’s jeep tire, this made everyone to be very angry and they concluded that the police man won’t step an inch except he repairs/pay for the tire that he bursted.

Within some hours, the police man made a Call, and another Police officers arrived with their Hilux. They started chasing the people that gathered there. after that, they took the man and left the premises straight to police station.

This happened in the morning.


For the Full Video showing how everything happened…click the download below to download it.


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