Buhari, APC Can’t Rig This Election – PDP


According to a press release by PDP…

We wish to inform President Buhari
and his failed and discredited Party, the APC that Nigeria is bigger than them and there is no way
Nigerians will allow them to rig the 2019 general elections or achieve their self-succession plan.

Our history has amply shown that no individual, no matter the authority wielded, has ever succeeded, at
any point in time, in subduing the spirit of our nation or place our people under a siege, not even the importation of mercenaries into our country can
change that reality.

The world can recall how certain leaders in the past attempted to subvert our constitutional democracy, arrogate excessive powers to themselves and how
they failed in the face of the Nigerian spirit.

Today, that Nigerian spirit, with which we won our democracy and nurtured it to this stage, is being assailed by the APC and the Buhari Presidency with their unrelenting constitutional breaches, attacks on our democratic institutions, violation of human rights, etc.

There is a ferocious attempt to take away our liberty as a people. There is total clampdown, arrest and detention of dissenting voices; invasion of media houses, manhandling and illegal detention of journalists by state forces have become the order of
the day.

Our nation will never succumb to Buhari
Presidency’s assault on our nassnigeria
, the attack on our judiciary and besieging of the
inec where President Buhari’s relation is being foisted as the head of the collation center.

Only last week, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), after consideration of all factors, reinforced
the global unanimity and affirmation by various credible and independent bodies within and outside Nigeria, that
Atiku will win the February 16, Presidential election.

Today, the APC and the Buhari Presidency have become uncontrollably feverish over the overwhelming acceptance gained by Atiku in all the geo-political zones, particularly in the North West
states, hitherto considered as President Buhari’s political stronghold.

The PDP wants President Buhari
to note that Nigeria will not fall. Our country, as a nation of over 200 million resilient men and women, is bigger than President Buhari as well as the
APC and would resist all anti-democratic forces.

Nigerians have chosen democracy with its tenets, as a way of life, including justice and constitutional freedom it offers the citizens to determine who their leaders should be at any given time, and nobody,not even President Buhari, can take away this freedom and rights

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